edie collective was founded in 2020 with the focus on providing quality footwear that doesn't cost a life. 

Aiming to breakdown barriers and narratives around the vegan industry and specifically alternative leather options. 

edie has spent over two years researching and developing the brand ensuring sustainability and ethics at the the forefront of every decision. 

Our Values

Believing growth is the gateway of success, edie implements sustainable elements whenever possible and will continue improve with the advancements of the industry. edie ensures low stock runs to keep product out of landfill whilst not compromising on quality. Ensuring all pieces are an investment, to be worn and kept for years to come. Timeless classics.  

edie's shoes are 100% vegan, using leading cruelty free leather alternatives. Handmade in China by a family run factory with over 23 years experience. Ensuring all aspects of Edie aligns with the brands DNA and values the factory has been audited by Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)*.

*SMETA assesses companies based on their organisation’s standards of labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics.

The Future

edie has a strong sustainability plan, ensuring each collection develops and grows with the industry and new technologies. edie aims to incorporate even more biodegradable and recyclable elements, ensure all materials utilised are at the highest of standards and quality for footwear and with time B-Corp Certification.